Friday, December 10, 2010

What are the forms of currency that people use?

The various forms of currency are, the United States Dollar, Japenese Yen, Pound Sterling and the Australian Dollar.

There are various uses of money. Money is used as a valuable medium of exchange as a unit of account and store value. Money's most important function is as medium of exchange to help with transactions of the daily lives of people.

Money is defined as anything that people use to buy services and goods. People receive money for selling things they own or services they provide for someone else. Many countries in the world have their own kind of money they use for currency. 

Investments of money is also used to make more money. It is good to invest with money, to make interest. Gains of money market funds are usually tax exempt because they invest mainly in goverment provided securities. Dividends are taxable and are a good low risk investment along with money market funds which are highly prevalent.

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